Monday, April 15, 2013

Tips Supaya Sabun Ketiak Bertahan Lama

This packed with uber-skin-goodness 'sabun ketiak' weighs a mighty 100g but with constant direct exposure to moisture and air, it will shrink quickly than it should. So what to do?

Tips Sabun Ketiak:

-Potong dua!
Use one half and wrap the other half it in its plastic film and keep it in your drawer away from moisture....or share the goodnes with a family member.

-Cover it!
Get a soap casing if you haven't already got one and store it in the casing after showering.

This way, sabun tak habis cepat sangat.. kena bagi tips ni, those yang dah ada sabun ni memangggg rajinnn mandi , macam therapy mandi pun ada.

Dah habis dah pun?? Dont worry, just pm me (fb: nur hazwani khusaini) and you will be assisted immediately.

Selamat mencuba!

Credit to Dewi

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